🌟 Unlock Productivity with Notion AI Task Management 🌟

Hey, wonderful community! Struggling with task management, especially with ADHD?

From AI-driven insights to centralized workspaces, Notion AI offers features that can help you work smarter, not harder. Perfect for freelancers and small businesses! 🌈

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🌞 Finding Balance with Sunsama: A Lifesaver for ADHD Management 🌞

Hey, wonderful community!

Struggling with ADHD and finding it hard to balance work and personal life? 🤹‍♂️

I've discovered Sunsama, a tool that's been a game-changer for me. 🌟

It combines task management, time blocking, and daily planning—perfect for those of us navigating the complexities of ADHD. 🧠💪

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My brain got bored with using so I migrated to .

So far, I hate how hard it is to make recurring tasks or things on the platform. Plus, the integration from Asana is only one way, which sucks.

Without taking my mind barely sleeps. Like today, I slept at around 5 AM and got up at around 9 AM 🫠

So, I worked on my planner and sorted things out. One of the best things I like about is that I can sync it to my Asana boards.

But, I still feel like an organized clutter.

As someone with , I still feel like I'm on auto-pilot sometimes and can't believe that people think I am knowledgeable in different aspects.

I've always been a person and been described as .

But for someone to say that I'm an "expert" – it really feels weird and like impossible.

Or is it lurking again?

Finally, my is working. I feel sleepy, and my mind has stopped partying.

I also think my earlier helped me feel a bit better, and it helped induce sleep.

My brain got bored playing .

So here I am, starting my 3rd course on Coursera. 🥸💪🏽

To my fellow () and – I made a server which also serves as part of my and

If you would like to join focus sessions or do – feel free to join my server:


Unpacking the impact of sensory overload in ADHD on workplace productivity. Discover strategies to thrive in a sensory-rich environment.

Read the blog post on:

I haven't taken my Quetiapine, and I'm still awake. I just had around two hours of sleep. 🫠🙃

I think my brain is good for the day. I had to rewatch most training videos and take down notes on paper because my digital notebook felt boring.

Also, on studying once more. Oh the little things that brings.

Am I the only one who gets with ? I feel I learn better when I read things than just watching and listening.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I get the idea in my mind, and it's correct but when I try to write it down, it's blah.

Sadly, it's affecting my work.

I am exhausted. My brain seems to get the right ideas but when it comes to execution, I can't do it well. Is this the curse or gift?

It's driving me crazy and at the same time. Idk what's wrong but I'm just scared of losing my job because of this. Is it or what?


Started a blog post about and . So far, I'm writing a lot and feel like I have so much to share.

Okay, so I'm on a higher dose of . I hope to anyone who sees this could help me fund my meds through or supporting me on Ko-fi!

I'm selling pages and .

Shop small and help a fellow :

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