Revamped my website as a Christmas gift for myself.

If any is out there and has time, please critique it. 🫰🏽

Gahd, customizing my website right now when I should be resting.

@zheng3_jim I can imagine the naughtiness and the cuteness!! They can just melt the stress away 🤩

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Do you need help with using Mastodon and the Fediverse? Especially if you're a beginner or unsure about techy things?

You can ask by messaging me or replying to this thread, and I'll try to help or find someone else who can help. Don't worry if a question seems silly or basic!

You can also look things up on the guide at, which has an "essentials" section at the top and a complete list of answered questions below that.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

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Are you an #ADHDer who often find yourself spiralling, convinced that friends or colleagues are disappointed in you? Chances are it’s Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, a common aspect of #ADHD. It’s not easy, but stopping where you are, taking a deep breath and trying to reflect on past worries that proved false can break the spiral and help you take back control of your emotions. Acknowledge the power #RSD has to ruin your day and nip it in the bud!

@scottsantens That's true. Yet in some countries (like mine, PH), jobs don't pay much to be able to survive and raise families.

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tired of having to be strong
tired of having to be resilient
tired of having to fight bigotry at every turn
tired of having endless courage just to dare to exist
I just want to write
I just want to love and be loved
I just want to live

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Reminder that it's really hard to get hired in October, November, and December. So if you've been job seeking and have gotten very little traction the past few months, know that it's not you. Don't give up hope!

* Hiring teams have the fewest open roles left at year's end

* It's tough to put interview schedules together because everyone is on vacation

* Even with the interviews, it's tough to schedule the debrief + hiring committee + offer review


#fedihired #BlackMastodon

With so many slangs around, I don't even understand what some people are saying.

Case in point: delulu

Not too long ago, someone supported me on my Ko-fi page, and left me a note. She thanked for doing what I'm doing. My heart is full. 💖

🌟 Unlock Productivity with Notion AI Task Management 🌟

Hey, wonderful community! Struggling with task management, especially with ADHD?

From AI-driven insights to centralized workspaces, Notion AI offers features that can help you work smarter, not harder. Perfect for freelancers and small businesses! 🌈

🔗 Read the full article here:

🌟 Boosting through 🌟

Hey folks! Ever wondered how digital marketing can help in healthcare awareness? This blog post is a must-read. It talks about leveraging online platforms to promote ADHD treatment awareness.

🔗 Read it here:

Let's use our online presence for good. Share, discuss, and be part of the change! 💪

@dismantl I can refer my partner for this one. How could he send his portfolio and sample works?

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Greta Thunberg after being sentenced again for blocking fossil fuels:

”We have the science on our side and we have morality on our side. Nothing in the world can change that and so it is. I am ready to act based on the conditions that exist and whether it leads to more sentences”


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