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I've been playing again with a 2-day streak to my belt. I got myself the eco lifestyle bundle, paranormal add-on, and outdoor kit. (Tbh, I forgot the exact names of the add-ons)

Anyway, I was so excited about the seance and recycling in-game. I thought that if more people have access to or get the right for it, the Earth will be a better place to live in again.

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I have things to do, places to go, people to see!
But - I also have #ADHD so here I sit doing absolutely nothing in an increasingly panicked state of internal frenzy.

Looks like I’m doing nothing, lazing the day away, when I’m actually spending all my energy fighting this thing that will eventually, of its very own accord, leave and then I can do everything so fast, it’ll make heads spin and other people lose their breath. I simply follow along…

Aren’t we just having fun?!

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Honestly, I swear at least 75% of my time is taken up with me wondering what I was about to do before I got distracted.


As someone with , I still feel like I'm on auto-pilot sometimes and can't believe that people think I am knowledgeable in different aspects.

I've always been a person and been described as .

But for someone to say that I'm an "expert" – it really feels weird and like impossible.

Or is it lurking again?

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Anyway, this photo was candid. J took this because Dakila (our ) kept on snuggling to get a piece of my blanket. I'm posting this here as a milestone that I've become more loving of myself, my imperfections, and overcoming my insecurities one step at a time.


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Okay, so before, I really don't have it in me to post something like this because I was deeply insecure about my body. I have stretch marks, thunder thighs, cute chubby tummy, and many more.

In time, it came to a point that I couldn't see anything good about my imperfections. Until I broke free from the shackles of my own insecurities. Now, I see my imperfections as my best traits. Without them, I'm not me. I'm not Maria, I'm not myself.


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#Urgent #MutualAidRequest

It's Disability Pride Month, and we're two homeless disabled autistic trans people w/chronic pain & cPTSD w/ two cats that need help surviving & staying inside. We also need help w/ food, meds, etc & being able to fix our van's brakes.
We only have tonight left in motel & owe a $100 balance.
Please boost & donate if you can!
Thank you!



With the different platforms out there, I wonder why users post the same content on all of their platforms? Isn't it tiring?

Finally, my is working. I feel sleepy, and my mind has stopped partying.

I also think my earlier helped me feel a bit better, and it helped induce sleep.

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Today I discovered that not only is July #Disability Pride Month but also that we have a flag. It is so well done and extremely meaningful. It was created by Ann Magill, a disabled writer.

The entire thing will not fit into the thumbnail but if you open the image, it will tell you what each color and flag feature stands for. It is also in the alt text if you are unable to open it.

#disabled #accessibility #cerebralpalsy #adhd #autism #OCD #PTSD #bipolar #depression #invisibleillness (& more!)

My brain got bored playing .

So here I am, starting my 3rd course on Coursera. 🥸💪🏽

I went back to my yesterday after feeling burnt out. I used to write daily, then slowed to weekly, then tried monthly, then nothing. I kept notes on my mood tracker, but nothing lengthy.

: I hyperfocused on for almost 6-7 hours for Kaeya's skin.

I think I'll be back in a few weeks or when is released.

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