Loads of activities like colouring, sewing, drawing and painting are supposed to take your mind off things happening around you. Does anyone else find you end up thinking whilst doing about what is going off in your life around you? Or am I the only one who thinks whilst doing activities that are different?

Not looking forward to this week. The knowledge lots of professionals are discussing me and not involving me in the discussions. Is overwhelming. Is frightening. So many say they get my situation yet prove later on that they don’t. If they got my situation they would know all my husbands behaviours. They would know he is mood dependent. They would know he only does when he is in the mood. Yet still they say he does everything for me 😔

Awake with lots going round in my mind. So many professionals aren’t involving me in decisions about my life now and about my future. It is frightening. I have learning needs and autism. This seems to be an excuse to exclude me sadly.

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Hi everyone! Me & and the little new human are doing great! Will update when I'm a less exhausted. Wild ride. Most simultaneously wonderful & terrifying experience of my life. ♥️♥️♥️

This place doesn’t have the same community feel that the bird site has. Here you are among millions and have no regular followers/friends. It seem there is no communities I can be part of either 😫
Not enjoying being alone wandering the Fediverse. Without friends.

On Facebook I blog daily. Not really sure what I will do on here.

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My first post on Mastodon - greetings from a middle-aged mom with 2 autistic teenagers who are making their niche in the world. My autistic husband has already made his niche. When am I going to finally get to mine?

British Gas are refusing to bill my energy accounts monthly. What can I do?

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The energy prices are really started to bite for my Mum and me.

Our health conditions mean we need the home warmer than other people may do.

Also, the postal strikes (I support striking workers, by the way) mean that we still need to receive our energy voucher for December.

No one checks those in adult social care system after the had covid 19. You are just left to continue like you were before. No one monitors you. I keep getting weird stuff but no one is interested.

Are there any out there in the world?
Feeling surrounded by walking autistics. Would like to get to know some autistic wheelers.

Since having covid I seem to wake around 00:00 with breathlessness. I end up getting up and having a drink. This allows the breathlessness to settle down so I can settle down to get some more sleep.
I am in talks with a respiratory nurse.

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Don't cook everyday. Though just made myself a bacon and egg sandwich with fries. I also have some Pepsi. Will now watch Star Trek Enterprise.

It would seem I have insomnia from covid. 00:00 to 05:00 I now listen to UCB 1. It is a good show.

Recommendations of good radio stations please.
Currently putting Sam through Fun Kids 🤣

2.5mg at 1am
7.5mg at 4am
5mg at 6am
5mg at noon
2.5mg at 6pm

And I slept!! It was the meds keeping me awake and then running out by 1am!!

I slept!!! So happy!!

No voice at all this morning but I slept!!

Today is not going well. Once again I am accused of twisting words. I am often accused of this. And all I can say is I do not deliberately twist words. Me and Words are not a good mix. They tie me up and get me into trouble regularly.

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@myxmyxmyx I feel your pain, I miss going to Mass but both because of covid and because Sunday mass is always sung (nevermind the lights) and I end up with a migraine episode I can't go.

makes it hard to become a member of a Christian congregation.
I attended a Cafe Church and caught
Not been able to go since. Miss fellowshipping. Are there any on mastodon?

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