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Today is a good day to remind you that whitewashing American history is how white supremacy thrives.

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Big marijuana pardon news out of Oregon: "The pardon will remove 47,144 convictions for possession of a small amount of marijuana ..."

More than $14,000,000 in fines and fees will be forgiven as well through this pardon from outgoing Gov. Kate Brown.


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We have the growing idea that "pandemic fatigue" is tied to half of the residents of the USA collectively losing their rational minds and believing in the outrageous, conspiracy theories.

The "losing of the collective American mind" began with the election cycle previous to the 2016 election and the constant, excruciating media roar over Trump which lasted an 4 years with Trump pretending the pandemic a joke - a little bleach up the nose or down the esophagus to clean Covid out, anyone?

The @M_B_Petersen post re "pandemic fatigue" made me think of several articles stating that 30-40% of Americans polled admitted to lying about their Covid positive status in order to work and "go back to normal". Lying has become a disease.

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In PNAS, we theoretically and empirically dissect the concept of "pandemic fatigue": pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2201

While WHO feared that "pandemic fatigue" would lead to disregard of health advice, we show that fatigue had effects far beyond the health domain.

Fatigue fueled mistrust, protest & conspiracy beliefs.

A pandemic is far more than a health crisis and social science expertise needs to be central in pandemic management.

#COVID19 @politicalscience

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With the former president solidly out of the White House & increasingly unlikely to make it back, I'm not convinced the media shd stay its course as a Trump-seeking missile. After 6y, our immune systems, vocabularies, social media tropes, forms like "threads"—all still trained on him. He's Moby-DIck to our Ahab. The threat he represented, esp in office, was real. But as the monopoly of Twitter lets up, Trump's monopoly on our attention, news outlets, imaginations & resources should let up too.

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Life tip: All the sales this weekend will have every email list you ever subscribed to messaging you so it's a great time to go through and click "unsubscribe" 10,000 times to make your inbox less chaotic.

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