My one-tweet Mastodon starter advice:

1. Pick a server where people are likely to post generally about stuff you're most interested in.
2. Follow interesting people on other servers, who will boost interesting stuff into your home feed. THEY are your algorithm.

On Twitter I tried really hard to make a peaceful drama free bubble.

I saw people I talked to every day have their accounts blow up and get viral tweets. It brought them harassment, bullying, and drama.

Stayed myself and just a person who happens to be an entrepreneur who likes talking to people online. My Twitter was peaceful.

But Mastodon is already like the bubble I created, and kept, on Twitter. It’s great and kind of freeing to have a community here.

I like it here better. ❤️ #actuallyautistic #Autistic #neurodiversity @actuallyautistic

What will the future look like if Mastodon becomes more dominant?

I believe Mastodon will have forks (modified copies of its free and open source code) leading to new competitors in the fediverse.

The larger players of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may open up to dedicating a timeline to the fediverse. For example, users of Twitter can access the fediverse but have a seperate feed for it but Tweets won't be in the fediverse.

#Mastodon #Twitter #TwitterMigration #Fediverse #MastodonMigration

Learning Disability Social

An inclusive community for people with an interest in learning disabilities (intellectual disability). Hosted by Photosymbols in the UK.