Are the discussions currently going on about the disruptive nature of ChatGPT in English and Social Studies classes much different than the discussions about the disruptive nature of calculators in math classes 40 years ago?

Dear @duane

It happened. I got my present day "Kirk" and "McCoy" to work on this idea with me and present it at the Ohio Ed Tech Conference last week.

- Add videos to Google Slides
- Set start/end times
- Set videos to autoplay
- Publish to web, set to autostart, not loop, 1sec interval.
- copy url and make shortlink.

- Give shortlink to teacher who now can show her video roll uninterrupted while helping students!

My daughter's next IEP meeting is coming up. Virtual. While I'm at work. Will they see that their strategy for the last 4 years isn't working with her? Likely not. Will they hear about that from me? Yes.

**looks around** Nice place. Might need a few throw pillows.

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