My Mum fell again yesterday, and then again today. She's also generally off her legs and her memory/orientation is worse, which seems similar to when she had #sepsis last year. Added to this she has a chesty cough so query chest infection.

Before the fall this AM we called the GP for a home visit. Now we can't get her up from this latest fall, & my Mum has hurt her knee, along with my concerns about sepsis, I called 999 for an ambulance. The East of England Ambulance service say don't move her, and they aim to come in 13 hours.

An update - An update -
East of England Ambulance service referred Mum to their (I think) community service, which has worked really well so far.

An OT and a nurse have just come to take some blood and help my Mum get up off the floor. Another nurse is coming to review medication and listen to her chest.


@iamjessplant Sounds like a difficult time for you Jess. Glad your mum is getting the help she needs. It sounds like you are in safe hands.

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