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#JudithHeumann, the mother of the American #disability rights movement, has died. It is safe to say that without her advocacy we would still be waiting for all of the legislative and regulatory progress that protects our rights and access to schools, workplaces and public accommodations.

May her memory be for a blessing and a revolution.

Found a new to help one of my . A cheap couch throw pillow, about the size of her torso, to hug and squish when needed. It has been a night and day difference in her ability to sit nicely at the carpet in without rolling into other people's boundaries. She doesn't like pressure applied to her (no weighted blankets etc), but she NEEDS to apply pressure to things/people. Such an easy solution! And kinder to her friends to not be crush-hugged without consent.

Somewhat belated hello. I'm a just getting into Resource/Learning Assistance, did my certification couple years ago (and then Pandemic Things Happened). I was also originally diagnosed with in 1987 and at least one of my has it as well, so I think about ADHD things a lot. I wanted to get into because I was a special education student myself.

Currently just recovering from enough to attempt to return to work .

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