We're really pleased with our new animated leaflet, that briefly explains who we are, and what our role is. At only 1 minutes and 19 seconds long, its a great "at-a-glance", that lets you know how we can help. youtu.be/vEw6VygHvRc?si=popOCl

Considering appealing the decision made, following your phase transition review?
Take a look at our latest post:

We have many amazing Parent Champions that volunteer their time. They are based at schools, and can offer information and signposting. If you need support, it is easy to check if your school has a Parent Champion: sendiass4bcp.org/about-us/pare

Thank you to those who took part in our Ways of Working survey, which has no closed. We're looking to see what we can implement to reflect the responses we received, and hopefully you will continue to see improvements in our service. You can always ask us for support of course, and our YouTube and website are always available to you.

What's on in March? Take a look at our latest post, and come to one of our drop-ins with your questions:

A sunny start to half-term! (Lets not mention the forecast for the rest of the week, urgh!) At least on Wednesday we have a Children and Young People's drop-in with Gill & Kate, at West Howe Family Hub. That's between 10-12, with more details on our website Events page: sendiass4bcp.org/event/childre

Following on from our previous post about courses, we've been made aware of others that may not be of use. While not SEND focused, they maybe of use by families under stress - and are all free. More details via the following link:

Reminder for tomorrow afternoon, Gill will be available for young people to ask for information, advice, and support, at the Poole North Rd campus of BPC, between 12:00-13:15. Drop-in with your questions! Details and calendar link, here: sendiass4bcp.org/event/drop-in

SENDiass4BCP are looking to recruit a new Steering Group! We would like to see children, young people, parent/carers, as well as supporting professionals from health, social care, and education, all get involved to challenge us to meet our Minimum Standards.
Take a look at our latest post for more information, and details of how to get involved - and please share with anyone you think might be interested

Signposting to other services is something that we often do for things that are outside of our expertise, or for things we can't do. We've had quite a bit of feedback recently asking for those services that we can't provide - read our latest post that helps you find at least some of those. sendiass4bcp.org/2024/02/01/si

New Webinars! If you prefer to watch and hear information, we have a new webinar on Appeals and Tribunals, as well as a new webinar on Checking an EHCP. They are viewable on our website, or on our YouTube channel - check them out via the following link: sendiass4bcp.org/2024/01/26/ne

What's on in February? Take a look at our monthly round-up of where our Officer's will be available to children & young people, students, parents, and carers, over the coming month. Click on the following link for our latest post:

What is the Safety Valve? We don't have all the answers, but we have some information and following links - take a look at our latest News post: sendiass4bcp.org/2024/01/24/wh

A quick reminder - we'll be at Somerford Family Hub on Wednesday the 24th, between 9:00 and 11:00. Come along with your questions, no booking needed. Full details:

We're really pleased with the result of the feedback you have given us over 2022/2023. Take a look at our latest News post to see what it says - sendiass4bcp.org/2024/01/22/ho

A big thanks to those of you who have completed or shared our "Ways of Working" survey. If you have made use of SENDiass4BCP, whether contacting us, watching our videos, reading our website, please consider adding your input too - wee'd be grateful, and it helps us to get better at helping other. The survey closes on the 8th of February, click on the following link to access it: forms.office.com/e/2nKtBrnp4N
Thank you!

Quick reminder of our 2 events tomorrow:
Rossmore Family Hub drop-in 09:30-12:30
B&P College, North Road, drop-in for students 12:00-13:15
For the full details, take a look at our Events page

If you are a student attending Bournemouth & Poole College, we have a number of events coming up at both North Road and Lansdown campuses. Come along to our Drop-ins to ask questions of Gill, our Young People's Development Officer. Find more information on our website by clicking the following link:

The "Support for Inter-Parental Conflict" or SIPCo program, still has spaces. If you feel you would like to know more, it is a completely free project. Take a look at the post on our site for more details:

We would like to make sure that we are supporting you in the most useful way, so have a survey available to anybody that accessed our service since March of last year. We currently only have 5 respondents - please consider taking the survey to help us to better help others! Thanks!

Please click on the following link to take the survey: forms.office.com/e/2nKtBrnp4N

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