i used my AAC on the bus to one of my sports programs today ! i think the sound was not up loud enough for the driver to hear but i used it to say hello and thank you. usually i just wave and nod but i am working up to being confident using my device :)

@autismstims How are you liking your AAC device? You'll get more confident as you use it and explore it more.

Make sure you check that device for privacy flaws. We had a school-issued AAC device for my child, and the school used it to unlawfully monitor life in my home.

@Neurodivergent_Gen_Xer i am liking it a lot ! thank you for the encouragement 🙂 my device is just a regular tablet which i run an aac app on not a dedicated aac device that was provided to me but thank you for bringing up the privacy ! i will look into it 🙂 i am sorry you and your child had to deal with that intrusiveness :(

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