me infodumping about my plans to make the world's smallest and silliest analog tv capable of streaming

@Neurodivergent_Gen_Xer i am liking it a lot ! thank you for the encouragement 🙂 my device is just a regular tablet which i run an aac app on not a dedicated aac device that was provided to me but thank you for bringing up the privacy ! i will look into it 🙂 i am sorry you and your child had to deal with that intrusiveness :(

i used my AAC on the bus to one of my sports programs today ! i think the sound was not up loud enough for the driver to hear but i used it to say hello and thank you. usually i just wave and nod but i am working up to being confident using my device :)

i am currently working on my basics/quick access AAC board :) there is a girl at my work/volunteer placement who has the same case and we are always like 🤝

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