Excited to announce an upcoming virtual conference at Drexel University on the use of facilitated communication (FC/RPM/S2C) in individuals with autism! Here's the registration link plus flyer: drexel.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/

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This facilitatedcommunication.org/b is a good place to start learning about S2C, Rapid Prompting Method, and various other forms of Facilitated Communication, @GraemeSacks If you can stomach a bit more pseudoscience, look up "Facilitated Communication" in Wikipedia where there is a very well researched and nicely written article, and further leads.

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What would make The New York Post @the@NYPost@mastodon.cloud want to run a story on feckless #FacilitatedCommunication (#Spelling2Communicate #S2C)? The author of the article, journalist Lenore Skenazy writes from a position of breathless wonder at the "miracle" of #FC and kindred "communication" modalities. TERRIBLE. @katharinebeals @BronwynHemsley #Pseudoscience @slp_slt @slpfedi @autisticadvocacy
nypost.com/2022/12/24/severely #AUTISM

Yes--it's when I push on that button that I get the "please match the requested format" error above the username field.

It's asking me for user name and email info. Doesn't like any of the user names I've tried.

Nice to have my name back. Some day I'll tell you what happened on Twitter!

@katharinebeals hello!! hope you enjoy finding your way around this place(s) and community(ies) :-) I love it.

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