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I can do that.

Granda was a coal miner, remember The Singing Ringing Tree on tv, largely educated by BBC, went to Durham Miner's Gala during 1984 strike, housing advice worker for a few years, fave movie Blade Runner, running Puppy Classes since 1993, two story competition placings, binged The Expanse twice, Ubuntu Media but enjoyed Arch Linux best, last week got 6.5 Brain of Britain qs, awaiting test.

Very proud of me for making a blog post.
"Is procrastination always a bad thing?"
I've sure done a lot of it in my time, and I'm wondering if there's another way to sort it without getting all messed up like and still get my accounts done.

I've just created a chatbot on to talk to folks. It's still a work in progress, but I've been using it to help myself and it's helped!

If you want to go look at the bot, he's here: is free to use as a guest or you can get a free login too if you want.

If you want to make comments (positive or negative, I'm tough!) Please just let me know here.

Me describing #ADHD: It's a bit like having 20 televisions on, all the time, knowing you HAVE to be able to describe the plot of any one of the episodes to somebody later, or they will think you don't care about them or have any interest in them.

Well-meaning client: Well, everybody gets distracted when things get busy. I know I feel like that sometimes.


(Considered saying, did not say: Everybody has to pee, too, but if you have to pee 80 times a day it's different.)


I really don't want my house to fall down. But my ... you know...

Write a list of all the fixings, find 3 builders who seem okay then contact them, make an appointment for estimate, then can I afford it? (Go make a budget, erm like THAT'S gonna happen eh?) Then get up before builder gets here, then remember they'll be late/early/not answer the phone.

I feel a bit sick now, let's go play a game instead.


There's a builder working on the house next door, he seems to be working pretty hard. He's friendly. He fixes a couple of loose slates on my roof in his lunch hour for a small amount of cash.

He tells me what he's noticed is broken on my house in words that make no sense, I bury my head in my hands and tell him nothing he's said has made landfall. He laughs.


The biggest job is that the front of my house desperately needs repointing. I mean flaking bricks, even some damp getting through. Builder says something about lime, I smile and nod, trying to look like I'm listening properly.

He says he can do it 80% of the normal price. I mean, how do I find out the normal price (refer to Toot 1 especially "like THAT'S gonna happen").


I want coloured cement but how not-the-point is that? I say: Can I have it in pink? He doesn't laugh. 😲

He says: of course you can! A nice pale pink would match your bricks lovely and shares the exact shade of pink he thinks will work.


Suddenly the birds are singing. All thoughts of budgets and appointments gone. Pink cement! I can have pink cement.

He's coming next week.

Calling all superstars!

Does anyone have any Top Tips for when: Somebody who should know better because they have their own mental health issues, says something negative about a difficulty I'm having because of my adhd at the same time as offering no concrete solution at all?

Like this: "I'm worried about your life falling apart."

Erm, and what the hell am I supposed to do about that eh?

I decided a while ago I was not gonna "eat frogs first". I'd turn all frogs into princes instead.

Look here:

Not sure I like the promo with the vid and a couple of other things, but the facts seem right. How doing the horrible for a reward can make it harder to do THE THING.

As an animal psychologist, we talk about "frustration". Looking for a reward... it isn't there (yet)! Feeling non-reward during the actual work is in effect a punishment.

A spectacular sight 1225m (4019 ft) beneath the waves off Baja California as E/V Nautilus encounters the amazing Halitrephes maasi jelly.

Full video:

#ocean #nature #science

When I first encountered , I made different accounts to different servers because I wanted it to be organized. But now, my declared that having many accounts is too tiring and too much effort for me.

So I've deleted my other accounts on other servers.

@james As on the other social platforms we're on - we post what we like, and people can follow or unfollow us if they like.

I can't remember where I saw it, but it really helps when you look at financial numbers when you remember that, no matter how similar they sound, the difference between £1m and £1bn is (basically) £1bn.

£1bn is to £1m as £100 is to 10p.

@jennyadams @adhdasiangirl here are a million little Sherlock-like puzzles to solve. "I wonder why that guy is getting only broccoli and pop-tarts" or "The underground gas tanks must be THERE, which isn't where the fire extinguishers point, so I wonder what happens when..."

The boring thing is when you are stuck somewhere where those are all used up. At home, for a long time anywhere, bland dr office, etc.

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