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I can do that.

Granda was a coal miner, remember The Singing Ringing Tree on tv, largely educated by BBC, went to Durham Miner's Gala during 1984 strike, housing advice worker for a few years, fave movie Blade Runner, running Puppy Classes since 1993, two story competition placings, binged The Expanse twice, Ubuntu Media but enjoyed Arch Linux best, last week got 6.5 Brain of Britain qs, awaiting test.

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Calling all superstars!

Does anyone have any Top Tips for when: Somebody who should know better because they have their own mental health issues, says something negative about a difficulty I'm having because of my adhd at the same time as offering no concrete solution at all?

Like this: "I'm worried about your life falling apart."

Erm, and what the hell am I supposed to do about that eh?

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I decided a while ago I was not gonna "eat frogs first". I'd turn all frogs into princes instead.

Look here:

Not sure I like the promo with the vid and a couple of other things, but the facts seem right. How doing the horrible for a reward can make it harder to do THE THING.

As an animal psychologist, we talk about "frustration". Looking for a reward... it isn't there (yet)! Feeling non-reward during the actual work is in effect a punishment.

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A spectacular sight 1225m (4019 ft) beneath the waves off Baja California as E/V Nautilus encounters the amazing Halitrephes maasi jelly.

Full video:

#ocean #nature #science

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When I first encountered , I made different accounts to different servers because I wanted it to be organized. But now, my declared that having many accounts is too tiring and too much effort for me.

So I've deleted my other accounts on other servers.

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@james As on the other social platforms we're on - we post what we like, and people can follow or unfollow us if they like.

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I can't remember where I saw it, but it really helps when you look at financial numbers when you remember that, no matter how similar they sound, the difference between £1m and £1bn is (basically) £1bn.

£1bn is to £1m as £100 is to 10p.

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@jennyadams @adhdasiangirl here are a million little Sherlock-like puzzles to solve. "I wonder why that guy is getting only broccoli and pop-tarts" or "The underground gas tanks must be THERE, which isn't where the fire extinguishers point, so I wonder what happens when..."

The boring thing is when you are stuck somewhere where those are all used up. At home, for a long time anywhere, bland dr office, etc.

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Tricking myself to clean II: While I am waiting for things to microwave (you know how boring that two minutes of waiting time could be), I unload the dishes/load dirty dishes. Once I get started and make solid progress, I am much more inclined to finish the cleaning task.


It's the at least I think it is, that means I let people down, I'm slow at getting things done you know?

This person and that poking me with virtual sticks to get this done and that done and I'm working hard as I can you know?

I'm trying to come to terms with backlogs and messages wondering where this and that is.

Am I alone?

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Could I tempt you to boost this post, or get involved in a project to customise Linux for users with special needs/learning difficulties? I have two such children. Adults now (18). I want to do something for my boys and for people like them. 🙂❤️

I've already done a bit, using Ansible, with AlmaLinux and Ubuntu:

Please spread the word - I'm sure someone out there would love to get involved!

#SpecialNeeds #Linux #Education #NonProfit

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Scam Alert!

If you receive an email or response on Mastodon like the following, DO NOT click the link. It is a scam fishing for login details at the very least.

"Mastodon has detected botting malware on your PC that is congesting the Mastodon network. All affected accounts will be suspended within 24 hours unless removed. _https://REDACTEDLINK"

Clarity 11

That does sound like a lot of platforms to fiddle about with, but they've all taken their place over the years. I think if I were to stick with one, and hard copy seems to be the one most favoured, yes?

But I'd get bored with that I'm sure. Dipping between platforms makes me feel not bored and more clever so happy-face-me 🙂 about being a fiddle-faddle eh?

Clarity 10

Googling for "Procrastination".

Because I have everything that I did last time written down, ideally with a lovely do this then do that and like this, and no-frogs-here, and pretty-pretty, I no longer spend hours Googling for procrastination.

I used do that a lot, then I spotted my (or at least my sister did) so I put everything together with adhd-friendly in mind and wow, just wow. It's been months now since I typed such into my search bar.

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