@joehumphrey I echo your comments! Elemental, succinct, correct!

I'm still new here myself, and let me tell you that I DO NOT miss the drama and the feeling of dread from high anxiety due to fear of being bullied/harassed/doxxed for whatever reason someone dreams-up.

Literally everything offends every single person there!

I could post a weather forecast link, and someone would be like "you can't do that, weather science is a form of oppression!" (Eye roll)

@autismstims How are you liking your AAC device? You'll get more confident as you use it and explore it more.

Make sure you check that device for privacy flaws. We had a school-issued AAC device for my child, and the school used it to unlawfully monitor life in my home.

I'll do my best to keep welcoming new members while we are still a small community, so here goes...

A warm welcome to @Colin @Katy @joelhuebner @jarsonmar @CosmicKarmic @mariaisquixotic @kwilsayf @sanandros @Stevenraison @SENDiass4BCP @iamjessplant @Leigh50 @imingirene @brittnee @Beidesnichtdasgelbevomei @timogrampes @katharinebeals @Leni42 @Neurodivergent_Gen_Xer

Apologies if I missed anyone you are all very welcome to this inclusive community 👋

Learning Disability Social

An inclusive community for people with an interest in learning disabilities (intellectual disability). Hosted by Photosymbols in the UK.