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To my fellow () and – I made a server which also serves as part of my and

If you would like to join focus sessions or do – feel free to join my server:

After getting a massage yesterday, I just want to stay in bed.

If only I could quit social media, but it's part of my work 🫠

Went out yesterday to party, ended up leaving after 3 hours. I guess I got overstimulated by the lights and sounds.

Finally, was able to reinstall on my PC. Now, I'm using my server for some productivity boost. with me, myself, and I.

🌱 Finding Balance in a Digital World: Bullet Journaling Digitally 🌱

Struggling to find a balance between productivity and mindfulness?

Traditional bullet journaling not cutting it anymore? Discover how to adapt the beloved analog methods of bullet journaling to the digital realm.

📓➡️💻 Learn the perks, platforms, and tips to make your transition smooth. 🌟

Read more:

🌞 Finding Balance with Sunsama: A Lifesaver for ADHD Management 🌞

Hey, wonderful community!

Struggling with ADHD and finding it hard to balance work and personal life? 🤹‍♂️

I've discovered Sunsama, a tool that's been a game-changer for me. 🌟

It combines task management, time blocking, and daily planning—perfect for those of us navigating the complexities of ADHD. 🧠💪

Read more:

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Canceled my #Sunsama subscription because it's too pricey. Now, how do I maximize my #Notion Plus subscription?

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I just saw someone on Tumblr ask how to burn digital music to a CD, and someone else replied like "I'll ask my dad when he's awake!" Brb, gonna crumble into dust now.

My brain got bored with using so I migrated to .

So far, I hate how hard it is to make recurring tasks or things on the platform. Plus, the integration from Asana is only one way, which sucks.

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A life with #ADHD can often be a life filled with self-doubt. I see the #love and #understanding many of my clients so generously give to others but so rarely extend to themselves. One of the most important lessons I learned after my late diagnosis has been that kindness to myself is the best way to silence that internal voice murmuring “you’re not enough”. Self-care is not an indulgence: it’s the best antidote to self-doubt. We owe love and understanding to ourselves as much as to others

Without taking my mind barely sleeps. Like today, I slept at around 5 AM and got up at around 9 AM 🫠

So, I worked on my planner and sorted things out. One of the best things I like about is that I can sync it to my Asana boards.

But, I still feel like an organized clutter.

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Any other neurodivergent people feel guilty about relaxing?

Whenever I have the opportunity to do nothing, my brain immediately starts inventing things that I should be doing.

It goes further than simply needing stimulation, my own internalised ableism tried to tell me that the only time I have value is when I'm being productive.

Can you relax comfortably?

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy

#adhd #adhder #audhd #audhder #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #neurodivergence #relax #relaxing

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I've just created a chatbot on to talk to folks. It's still a work in progress, but I've been using it to help myself and it's helped!

If you want to go look at the bot, he's here: is free to use as a guest or you can get a free login too if you want.

If you want to make comments (positive or negative, I'm tough!) Please just let me know here.

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