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It has been clear for some time that Fox “News” brazenly operates as a mouthpiece for the GOP. In recent years, the network exists not only to advance Republican talking points but to shape actual policy. This relationship has become an incredibly pressing issue. And it is time we solve the problem:

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Society needs to move past the need for phone calls.

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The media Object Storage is experience some problems public-cloud.status-ovhcloud.c and that is causing instances with high volume of media processing to slow down or become unresponsive.

I am monitoring the situation and trying to get more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Will update once I know more.

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p.s. To clarify, the idea of "boosts appreciated" is if you have a post that you particularly want or need people to share.

So, for example, if you're trying to get advice on something really important, you might add "Boosts appreciated" at the end.

It's not meant to be used for shallow attention seeking.

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Mastodon is pretty excellent so far at giving me what I want from this kind of thing, namely: anticapitalist news updates, cute animal pics, and absurdly overwrought puns.

I haven't taken my Quetiapine, and I'm still awake. I just had around two hours of sleep. 🫠🙃

My latest newsletter is out, and I received a message on IG that I was able to inspire someone to write once more. It's heart-melting to receive such a message. I'm grateful that my hodgepodge newsletter was capable of igniting a fire in someone else. :Boop:

You are welcome to subscribe!

Honestly, it's been a while since I detached from doing any freelance work on weekends. It feels weird because I am usually working on side hustles.

This is the first weekend that I didn't work on any freelance projects. I slept in yesterday and woke up at 10 PM and still up now.

I'm hooked on watching Criminal Minds: Evolution.

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If someone corrects your ableism, they're not just talking about one post or one slip up. They're asking you to make sure you don't continue being ableist in the future, too.

Ableism can't be solved with the edit button.

The effort to stop yourself, to do better in the future, to keep learning is what is important, not perfection.

None of us can ever "be done" learning and improving, especially when speaking about one group in a cruel way to try to harm another group by drawing comparisons.

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What is high masking as a #Neurodivergent individual?

- The ability to put a smile on your face and so everyone around you sees that you're okay and how well you can maintain yourself. However, you're struggling on the inside.

- Forcing eye contact when it's excruciatingly painful. This goes for forced conversations and being unable to disengage from the conversation and so the other person assumes you understand what is being said but you're just nodding your head for the hell of it because you don't want to appear stupid because you've been bullied and called horrendous names for being stupid in the past and not knowing better. This altogether is tremendously hard and I have no idea how I do it but I do it.

- Not really understanding how I've lived life for 28 years without a formal assessment/diagnosis for a #LearningDisability when clearly something else is there and medical professionals never took me seriously all my life. I'm serious when I say, all the signs of a LD were there.

- Unsure what to say for the majority of the time.

- Replacing words that you don't know how to say with words that you know how to say.

It's just pretending one has it all together by perfecting the PERFECT image to the public when one is really just S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G.

#Mastodon #Introduction #Autism #ADHD #ActuallyAutistic #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #MentalHealthAwareness #Disability #DisabilityAwareness #MentalHealthMatters #NotAloneTalk

I think my brain is good for the day. I had to rewatch most training videos and take down notes on paper because my digital notebook felt boring.

Also, on studying once more. Oh the little things that brings.

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I revamped my blog to include my new entries about mental health, specifically about #ADHD.

Am I the only one who gets with ? I feel I learn better when I read things than just watching and listening.

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