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To my fellow () and – I made a server which also serves as part of my and

If you would like to join focus sessions or do – feel free to join my server:

New Ko-fi shop item: ADHD-Friendly Notion Journal Template

With an intuitive layout and easy navigation, this template helps reduce overwhelm and encourages consistency in journaling.

Get it here:

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Passionate creators devolve into bleary-eyed zombies pumping out posts and videos by sheer routine rather than any spark of inspiration. Social platform algorithms favour consistency, posting as frequently as possible to maximise visibility and potential clicks.

And, inevitably, they burn the f**k out.

Our boy got diagnosed of anaplasmosis last week. We just finished his 2nd check up and CBC. We're so happy when the vet told us that his RBC, platelets, and WBC all went up after a week of medication.

Our boy's safe from transfusion. He's still continuing his meds and will be due for another check up just 2 days after his birthday. 💖💖💖

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