Finally, was able to reinstall on my PC. Now, I'm using my server for some productivity boost. with me, myself, and I.

🌱 Finding Balance in a Digital World: Bullet Journaling Digitally 🌱

Struggling to find a balance between productivity and mindfulness?

Traditional bullet journaling not cutting it anymore? Discover how to adapt the beloved analog methods of bullet journaling to the digital realm.

📓➡️💻 Learn the perks, platforms, and tips to make your transition smooth. 🌟

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Okay, so before, I really don't have it in me to post something like this because I was deeply insecure about my body. I have stretch marks, thunder thighs, cute chubby tummy, and many more.

In time, it came to a point that I couldn't see anything good about my imperfections. Until I broke free from the shackles of my own insecurities. Now, I see my imperfections as my best traits. Without them, I'm not me. I'm not Maria, I'm not myself.


Unpacking the impact of sensory overload in ADHD on workplace productivity. Discover strategies to thrive in a sensory-rich environment.

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For an ADHDer, a routine or habit takes a while before it becomes ingrained in the system. I'm surprised that this guy invited me to continue our dinner habit back in MNL, but this time in LGP. Our dinner time is even scheduled on our calendars to ensure that I don't skip it because time blindness is a struggle, too.

Enjoying a large cup of iced coffee, TV Patrol, and the best people in town. 💖

Always grateful for you, Jayson.

My dog is ready to knock on your doors for his Christmas gift!

You may send through , , .

Oh well, my meds became available and I bought mine. Even with my discount, it cost me almost USD 100.

Such bliss of living in a 3rd world country such as the .

At 1 AM today, my mind itched. So, I rearranged my workspace. I changed the layout of one of my screens.

It's a bit chilly here in the Philippines, so cuddling with my baby is the best.

He's a Mini Bull Terrier whose name's Dakila. It's a Filipino word that means noble. 💖

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