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It's a foggy day in London Town and I'd like to welcome some more new members:

@doctorkorb @Hamidarvand @mcne65 @Jesus @Lleit1964 @MohgaKamalYanni @ifiohub

This community is young but we are growing fast 👋

I’ve been busy last few days so haven’t explored Mastodon properly. Sorry if I haven’t yet replied to comments or followed back - but I will! First impressions are that it’s a much kinder, less toxic site than the other place.
The petulant, narcissistic manchild appears to have destroyed Twitter, which is really sad. It’s a relief and very comforting therefore, that I can see so many Twitter friends have made the move over.
Love to all. Chris xx

As well as posting about my own disabilities and health issues (as well as other stuff) I also post about what it is like to be an #UnpaidCarer. My Mum and I are both disabled and we live and care for each other.

I would love to connect with other #carers , (as well as many other people).


I'm new here, so please be gentle with me. I'm from the UK and have the same main name on Twitter. I generally post about #autism, #disability, #ChronicIllness, being a carer, as well as my day-to-day life and other things that interest me.

I'm open to new followers and hope to follow back. (I'm not quite sure how this works yet).

Just joined and finding my way around this new place...slightly frustrated as I've been in three ticket sale queues and got zero from all three! But I'm not bitter (much) least I got accepted by @photosymbols to join this place - thanks 👍

Hello, I’m new here from Twitter, posting mainly about my work with @dsscotland and life with Matilda, my daughter with Ds

I'll do my best to keep welcoming new members while we are still a small community, so here goes...

A warm welcome to @Colin @Katy @joelhuebner @jarsonmar @CosmicKarmic @mariaisquixotic @kwilsayf @sanandros @Stevenraison @SENDiass4BCP @iamjessplant @Leigh50 @imingirene @brittnee @Beidesnichtdasgelbevomei @timogrampes @katharinebeals @Leni42 @Neurodivergent_Gen_Xer

Apologies if I missed anyone you are all very welcome to this inclusive community 👋

I'm a social scientist, working on social and health inequalities, #participatoryresearch and #socialjustice stuff. Generally will be sharing work related things 🙂 #followbackfriday

Thanks to everyone writing descriptions (alt text) for your images!

Those of you who are're making me sad. Please start. Even a super quick basic description of what's in the image is better than nothing

Lots of new members today - some of you I know already. A warm welcome to @Cloud @touretteshero (I've followed you on Instagram for years) @InclusiveCommunicationEssex (who we've worked with a few times) @zmilan @EddiesChefin (I have a rough collie too) @JenZ @nelson @CarlosEye @stellawaterhouse @squirr3lle @BreeZaps - Apologies if I missed anyone it's good to have you all here 👋

About our recent meet-up with the projects from around UK and Ireland. Talking about volunteer engagement, cost of living and showing our impact.
It was a wonderful day of ideas and connection

'Getting my ADHD diagnosis at 53' - As draws to an end I felt it was time to share a personal reflection on my recent diagnosis


Jordyn Zimmerman, in case you don’t know her, is a non-speaking Autist and a powerful advocate for the right to communicate (something she herself was denied until she was 18)

If you have a chance to see it, do watch the documentary ‘This is not about me’

#AllAutistics deserve access to be heard, whether in speech or using #AAC

It’s so important to #ListenToNonSpeakers

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Hello, so I guess I'll start with an #introduction

I'm a crowdfunded #OpenJustice journalist, mostly reporting from coroners courts.

I tend to focus on the premature and preventable deaths of learning disabled and #autistic people.

I also work with universities, researchers and health and social care orgs to get #research into practice

I rage a lot, and find witnessing/sharing helps. I also waffle on about non work stuff, a fair bit

BBC film about my work here

It is easy to blame “bad apples” to protect our collective fantasy of angelic NHS staff. But life is more complicated than this, as are the dynamics in health systems

This is spot on from @Shrink_at_Large IMO, it's too easy to blame a lack of funding for what's actually a lack of ambition

Since I don't believe there is a #DisabledInSTEM account here, I am going to encourage anyone who is #disabled and a #scientist to consider participating either as a Mentee or a Mentor. The application period is now open. Mentors can either be disabled themselves or allies!

Thanks for joining @Alladosky @Caplini @cvargas @w88you34a and @GeorgeJulian and welcome to this growing community 👋

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